FODMAP Diet Week 3

This was my third week on the FODMAP Diet.

Week 1
Week 2
An explanation


This week, the hubby and I were on vacation in Germany, so I did what I could and ate compliant foods where possible. It was hard to not bury myself in a vat of sauerkraut & pretzels.


  • For the most part, I erred on the side of breakfast meats – sausages, bacon, cured meats – lots of protein. Some breads when I was tired of straight protein.
  • There were a few pastries when that wasn’t possible, and a language barrier day where I accidentally ordered something containing bread, dairy & onions – which I only ate a few bites of.


  • I did what I could here, and if it was something I knew was not compliant, I only ate a bit. Ish.
  • Had warm sauerkraut, a potato dumpling & a couple bites pretzel one day.
  • Had currywurst and the bun on a slider the next.
  • Had mostly-compliant ham-stuffed pork – and then some pasta one day.


  • Mostly cured meats. Man, I missed prosciutto.
Sunday: Cured meats and some fruits for breakfast, currywurst for lunch, a mid-afternoon vodka tonic, a pulled pork slider & sweet potato fries for dinner & prosciutto snack
Monday: Lunch was a roadside affair and contained a pretzel. Oops. Dinner was fairly back on track.
Tuesday: Ummmmm …. erm …. ok, so no excuses here – I just. Didn’t. Wanna, and I knew bread wouldn’t hurt me.
Wednesday: Breakfast was a language barrier fail, so I only had about a quarter of mine and ate the hubby’s roll instead. Lunch was not what I wanted, but was what they had in stock – dinner was the one thing on the menu that didn’t list garlic as an ingredient. Ate half the pasta.
Thursday: Could have been better. Ate 1 of those doughnuts then found pastry with rhubarb, which I’ve been sorely missing.
Friday: Split the pretzel, I’m actually beyond tired of fries, and dinner wasn’t horribly off track – there may have been dairy in the potatoes, but there most likely wasn’t garlic and maybe not even onion.
Saturday: Went off the rails with sweets, bread and pasta. At least potato chips are FODMAP? (I’m sure not this flavor)

What did I learn this week?

Vacation while FODMAPping is hard. I mean, I already figured it would be – and I was right. While meat-centric meals were pretty easy to come by, this being Germany and all, staying away from bread when I’d already worked hard (before FODMAP) to give myself permission to eat bread again was hard and I didn’t do the best job. I could have chosen to do better, but I wasn’t really feeling it tbh.

I think I’ll postpone my doctor checkup and give this thing a solid week, maybe two more (especially given that the vitamins the doc had me taking only just came in this week).

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