High Protein Meal Planning – Week 4

My plan for this new year is to focus on hitting my protein macro for this new weight first (I’ve found that carbs, fat & calories tend to work themselves out if I’m doing what I need to do here). My old macro was 70g a day; this new macro is 80. I think I can do it while keeping the parts of my current diet that are working for me (light breakfasts namely) if I eat decent portions of something protein rich for lunch and dinner & plan ahead with meaty snacks.

More info on what I’m doing and why.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

The goal: 80g of protein a day; explore this brave new air fryer world.

This is my meal planner – I’m using a combination of Evernote for rough drafts, a Google spreadsheet for protein quick reference, and paper notebook for more detailed recipe writing


M-Sat: Green smoothie with collagen protein, chia seeds or keto protein powder

Sunday: Protein cereal with almond milk


Monday: Leftover Vegan General Tso-Style Protein Bowl with 100g air fryer tofu

Tuesday: The same

Wednesday: 150g leftover chicken breast

Thursday: WhichWich lettucewich with sweet potato fries

Friday: BBQ lamb lunch at a friend’s house

Saturday: Leftover taco beef with air fryer zucchini

Sunday: 150g pepper chicken & stir fried snap peas


Monday: Leftover Sweet & Sticky Carrot Sticks + 150g leftover chicken

Tuesday: BBQ flavored protein puffs and grapes

Wednesday: Burger patty & zucchini fries

Thursday: Burger patty with leftover Indian eggplant purée (I really need to try and recreate this)

Friday: Skipped

Saturday: 150g black pepper chicken with stir fried snap peas (recipe coming soon)

Sunday: 2 beef kielbasa & potatoes (recipe coming soon)


2 homemade Anzac cookies on Friday & a pale substitute for that Sunday – a pear + spiced nuts. I also had a collagen drink on Tuesday to attempt and hit my protein goal after being so bloated, real food sounded like too much drama for dinner.

Leftovers day – by this point, I was a bit bloated
Aaaand an extra day of chickpeas & high FODMAP foods was a mistake. Dinner was slack because I was painfully bloated. This lasted like 3 days. Oops. Moral of the story: 1 meal full of questionable for my gut ingredients is fine; multiple days of it – not so much.
Zucchini ranch fries FTW. They’re a bit pale because I forgot to brush them with oil. Still tasty though.
This lettuce wrap sub didn’t have as much meat in it as I’d envisioned, but it made a good treat for having walked to the mall.
Bbq lamb at a friends house – 🤤- with homemade Anzac cookies. Anzac bikkies are 🔥
This chicken turned out really well – kinda spicy, a little sweet, a little crunch and lots of pepper. Yum.
The dinner potatoes aren’t beautiful, but they turned out really well for a day I was just puttering around. Win!

What I learned this week: This week I played single lady and was generally uninspired to grocery shop. The first half of the week was a good fridge clear, and I managed to find a bunch of random ingredients to combine. I didn’t hit my protein goal every day, but I did give it a try. I also learned to not eat multiple days in a row of foods that are fine for my gut but only in moderation. I paid the price for that one for days.

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