High Protein Meal Planning – Week 5

My plan for this new year is to focus on hitting my protein macro for this new weight first (I’ve found that carbs, fat & calories tend to work themselves out if I’m doing what I need to do here). My old macro was 70g a day; this new macro is 80. I think I can do it while keeping the parts of my current diet that are working for me (light breakfasts namely) if I eat decent portions of something protein rich for lunch and dinner & plan ahead with meaty snacks.

More info on what I’m doing and why.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

The goal: 80g of protein a day; explore this brave new air fryer world.

This is my meal planner – I’m using a combination of Evernote for rough drafts, a Google spreadsheet for protein quick reference, and paper notebook for more detailed recipe writing


M-Sat: Green smoothie with chia seeds and vanilla keto collagen powder

Sunday: Protein cereal with turmeric almond milk


Monday: 2 beef kielbasa dogs with potatoes

Tuesday: 2 beef kielbasa dogs with the rest of the potatoes and 2 scrambled eggs

Wednesday: 1/2 can of chili tuna & 2 hard boiled eggs in a salad with cucumber scoops

Thursday: Treated myself to ramen while out and about

Friday: 100g chicken burger patty & sweet + sticky sweet potatoes

Saturday: Non-vegetarian South Indian thali – I ate about 1/3 of it with 1 piece of wheat paratha

Sunday: 100g chicken burger patty and the rest of the sweet potatoes


Monday: 150g burger patty & zucchini

Tuesday: 150g burger patty with half an avocado in a tortilla & a side of grapes

Wednesday: Protein cookie bites because I forgot how filling tuna salad can be

Thursday: A protein bar because I was only a little hungry since lunch was large

Friday: 100g chicken burger patty

Saturday: Skipped – I was too full still from lunch

Sunday: Celebrated DH’s birthday with a killer steak & sushi night out – 100% worth it


Saturday I had 2/3 of an order of fries while out with DH as a post-lunch snack

Not a bad day. Those potatoes were bomb.
Oddly, I’ve come to love scrambled eggs recently. Used to absolutely hate them, but have been craving them these last few weeks.
Forgot how filling tuna salad can be.
Mmmmmmmmm …. Real ramen. It’s been a hot minute since I had a good bowl of ramen. This hit the spot.
Hubby came home, I can’t count days, and the fries I ate while keeping him company as he had lunch were pretty dang good.
I only ate about a third of this thali plate. Ended up not eating the big chicken chunks because I didn’t want to mess with bones when exhausted after a challenging yoga class, but enjoyed all of what I did eat
This was a fantastic dinner out – another bomb ramen, great sushi, steak, and fruit for dessert. So good.

What I learned: I thought this week was more of a fail than it actually was. I felt like I didn’t eat real food all week – and it looks like I only relied on protein junk food twice. Not too bad, though more than I would like. Toward the end of the week, it was hard to want and sit down and eat just protein – hence the thali and the extra burger patties. I can pretty much always do ground meat in burger form.

Overall, I learned that 150g of protein isn’t all the meat in the world – and providing my brain doesn’t kick up with a meat aversion, it’s totally doable. I feel like especially after adding in my morning smoothie with green vegetable insurance, my body was starting to run better (for the most part; I had a bloat week and a couple random days with stabby stabby). It’s the end of the month, and I’m not sure if I’ll be continuing on, modifying slightly, or will launch into tackling how to work plant based proteins in more without killing my GI system. That’s kind of where I want to head, but man it’s difficult when you have a delicate Princess system.

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